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Bro. “Tricky” Ricky Henson

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I hope this newsletter finds you all doing well. An update of what’s going on. I had several meeting since the last newsletter. Praise the lord. Someone said, Bro. Ricky, you haven’t had any crazy stories lately. Well here goes. (i went back on the road. Enough said ha! Ha! The devil just don’t want me on the road.) here it goes, I started up to Kansas and on the the way as I was going through Mississippi I had a blow out on my front right. I got out jack up the car and discovered that the car that was given to me had a spare tire that did not fit the car. So I call roadside assistance, it took them 3 hours and a half to come out to help me. After I got a new tire! Had gone 10 miles when the alternator went out, i was 5 miles from auto zone. I made it there and found someone that could put it on for me, but it would be the next day. I begin to thank, who do I know over this way and then I remember this person said if I ever need any help give them a call. So I did. The wife work at a motel 5 miles from where I was, she called me up and said we have a room for you at the motel and supper and breakfast the next morning. The boss at the motel said they would try to be of help, praise the lord. I did a little bit of gospel magic for them and had a great chance to witness to the one that fixes my car.
You know I thought (it could have been worse, it could have been raining or snowing instead it was 82 degrees praise the lord) so I made it up to Paola Ks to endless mercy church. Wow what a great church, I love those folks, they support the ministry that god has given me and then on to Kansas city for a workshop. Then I left from there heading to Conway ark to bible baptist church, as I was going through Fayetteville ark. Going into a curve I had another blowout, the curve was banked and I thought I was going over the banked curve. (oh while I was up at Kansas I got a spare tire just in case I had another flat) well! Got out and started jacking up the car,(you know nothing can be easy) the way I landed up on that curve the jack would go up, but I needed it to go up 3 more inches. I saw a road crew working on the road and they came over and got another jack and we got the spare tire on. Well! Called the church and the youth minister told me to go by this tire shop that 2 new tires was waiting on me there.
Thank you Jesus. We had a great meeting, it was good to see everyone again. I left to come home I had 8 hr. Drive and I made 1t home when I got out of the car, I smell something burning, the next day I took it to my mechanic and it was the caliber sticking and it had to burn up the brakes as soon as I got that fix I drove 5 miles and brake line broke, praise the lord it didn’t break while I was coming home. (hey anybody want to travel with me?) after that! Had to go to Cinn. On to pa. Got home and came down with the flue bug. You know what I was thanking. So I was in bed for 4 days but praise the lord I was tested negative for the virus. The lord 1s so good be praying for me I don’t have but 2 meeting the rest of the year. Already i’ve had 5 meeting that was cancel this year, has to rebook for next year. Hey, I want to thank all of you that pray for me and support the ministry. Thank you so much. What a blessing you all are. If 1 can be used in your church let I know. Here are some dates that I have open for 2021, Jan 24 Jan,31 feb12-14th great for valentine banquet. March 21-24 march 28th-31 April 4th, April 9-11, April 16-18th, may 2-5th, June 13th-16 July 11th-14th aug 8th-11th if I can be used let me know.

Until next newsletter keep looking up love in Christ
Tricky Ricky Henson
Romans 8:28
Have a merry Christmas and again thank you so much for your support

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