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Jeff & Audrey Minix:

My name is Jeff Minix.  My wife, Audrey, and I  have been married for 31 years.  God has blessed us with 3 wonderful children; Tyler (29) Amber (26) and Ashley (23).  My ministry is called, The Master’s Builder. I have been involved in mission work since 2014. I have a different kind of ministry, I consider myself a missionary to missionaries. Missionaries, when they get to the field,  know how to preach, teach and go soul winning, but most know nothing about building and that’s where I come in. We help with all types of building projects. We have helped with many different projects from building dorm rooms for a church school in the Philippines to framing a church building in the Dominican Republic. We currently have three trips planned for 2021.  We plan to build a church in the Amazon, break ground for a children’s camp in Brazil and continue a church project in Alaska.  God has been good to me and It’s my privilege to share His blessings with others.
…Therefore we His servants will arise and build…  Nehemiah 2:20

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